Why You Should Buy Jewelry for Yourself

It’s so much more important for women to celebrate themselves than anyone talks about

A big reason why I created Ouf! is for women to be able to buy fine jewelry without the retail markup. It might have been easier to get a job working for someone else, or even start a different type of business. But I had a vision for my life and my business and I knew deep down that I could have a lot of fun while creating a community of women who celebrate themselves as a daily practice.

Recently, each year on my birthday, I feel full of love and gratitude. But it wasn’t long ago, on my 40th to be precise, when I felt pretty lost. I was a stay-at-home mom of three, a few years into my divorce. My ex was expanding his business and having a baby with his girlfriend. Meanwhile, my finances were a mess and I was temporarily sharing a bed with my 3 kids during an overwhelming apartment renovation. I had to be cautious of every purchase!

Years before, I founded and curated a jewelry gallery where I merged my love of art and jewelry and was producing/selling artist-designed collectible pieces. But I phased it out as I wanted to dedicate more time to my children. I always dreamt of starting my own line of jewelry yet didn’t know quite how to get started.

Fast forward to the summer of 2018. My kids were on vacation with their father and my boyfriend literally pushed me out the door to “make my first piece”. And so I did. And here I am today evolving my business and website to Ouf! 2.0–new designs, new collections, and a bigger commitment than ever to boosting the confidence of our Ouf! community. 

My journey to get here plays a big factor in my beliefs and my jewelry. Self-purchasing is really important for me, as a divorced mother and woman. I believe all women deserve to treat themselves whenever and however they want. We don’t have to rely on our partners or anyone to do this for us. It’s also why each piece of Ouf! jewelry is designed to be worn regularly and not sit in a drawer. We work hard to be able to invest in ourselves through a self-purchase. We deserve more than a “little treat”, so let’s wear our gifts to ourselves daily and feel proud about what we choose.

Is there something you recently bought yourself that makes you feel empowered? Nothing lights my fire to keep going more than hearing from you about how wearing jewelry from Ouf! makes you feel:

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Grateful to be here with you and help you celebrate yourself every single day 🪩🪩🪩